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With vibrant graphics and a tough construction that holds its shape, the Nike Pitch Soccer Ball delivers excellent touch and high visibility on the field.


  • 32-panel design for exceptional touch
  • Machine-stitched TPU casing for durability
  • High-contrast graphics for easy ball tracking
  • Two-year stitch and shape guarantee

Standard Ball Sizing

Size 5: Ages 12 and up

Size 4: Ages 8-12

Size 3: Ages 8 and under

Size 1: Skills ball

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cheap jerseys While Manning only just shaded Brett Favre in total yards (71,940 to 71,838) and touchdowns (539 to 508), he was in a different stratosphere when it came to career earnings.During his 18 year NFL career Manning took home $335 million (AUD) in total salary more than $80 million than his nearest rival, which just happens to be little brother Eli.NFL TOP CAREER EARNERSPeyton Manning $334.9 millionEli Manning $252.8 millionTom Brady $219.2 millionPhilip Rivers $204.5 millionDrew Brees $202.6 millionManning signed his first NFL contract in 1998 after being selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the first pick in the draft.The six year deal was worth $62.3 million, including a $15.6 signing bonus. By the end of that contract Manning was the NFL most valuable player and he was rewarded for it with the largest contract of his career.The Colts handed their star man $133.6 million over seven seasons, including a then record $46.5 million signing bonus.After guiding Indianapolis to the Super Bowl in 2006, a five year $121.2 million deal followed in 2011, despite Manning making it clear during negotiations he did not need to be the highest paid player in the NFL.But he would never play another game for the Colts after signing the deal as his career was jeopardised by neck surgery. Manning missed the entire 2011 season before leaving the Colts who opted to move on with No cheap jerseys.

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